Contact Lenses


Despite innovations in other types of treatment, contact lenses remain a popular solution for many patients. Contact lenses correct your vision and are straightforward to use. When you come in for a lens fitting, one of our optometrists will determine the right type of lens for your eyes and make sure that they fit comfortably and are suited to your style.

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At 2 See Optometry

We offer soft contact lenses and hard contact lenses.

Hard contact lenses, also known as gas permeable lenses, are not the same as the old types of lenses. GP lenses allow an influx of oxygen to permeate into the eye, thus providing an adequate amount of ventilation. Your eye is less likely to become infected and GP lenses are easy to clean and disinfect.

Soft contact lenses can be worn for most of the day, but they do require that you remove them at night and be cleaned. Disposable soft contact lenses can be worn for the day and then discarded. In addition, some soft lenses will adjust to the natural color of your eyes.